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Original submitted photo and resulting painted portrait, 2020. Copyright People of Canada Portrait Project 2020

1. Where were you born?

Darren-born in Edmonton, Alberta

Maverick born in Oak Bay, Victoria BC

2. Where do you call home now?

Both- Victoria, BC

3. What is your relationship to one another?

Grandfather and grandson

4. Where is your favourite place to eat, other than home? Favourite cuisine?

Mo:Lé Restaurant in Victoria BC

5. How many languages do you speak?

Only English

6.  Who is your favourite Canadian music artist?

Darren -Neil Young Mav- don’t know yet

7.  What is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Watching MotoGP gran prix motorcycle racing or riding bikes.

8.  Do you have a secret handshake or ritual when you see one another?

Maverick runs at me and jumps into my arms.

9.  Do you play any sports? Favourite sports to watch? Favourite teams?

Darren- Ice hockey, floor hockey, sport bike riding.

Maverick- Bike ride, soccer, and sword fighting!

10. Do you have a hidden talent or hobby that you enjoy?

Kung fu?

11. How do you celebrate your culture? Specific holidays, family traditions, games?

St Patricks Day is a big one ‘cause I am Irish (Canadian)

12. What is your favourite thing to do together?

Sword fighting and kung fu!

13. Where do you go to be in nature?

Tofino on Vancouver Island.

14. Do you get into trouble, if so, how?

Riding a sport bike very very fast!

15. Do you have a favourite museum or art gallery?

The National Gallery in London, England.

16. Mounties, hockey, maple syrup, beer, maple leafs and eh…do you partake? Do you wish Canada would get over all the stereotypical icons of Canadiana? 

Ice hockey, ice hockey and more ice hockey

17. What does being Canadian mean to you?

Being Canadian means being adventurous and not being afraid of a little adversity.

18. Who is your favourite animated character, show or book?

Darren-Spiderman…he is a newspaper photographer, just like me and Maverick likes him too.

19. Where in Canada would you like to explore that you have not yet?

The Maritimes

20. Do you have nicknames for one another?

Maverick calls me Papa….I call him Mav.

Thank you to Darren and Maverick for sharing a bit about their life and their loves. It is clear that they share a web of love, they made in Canada.

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