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From small beginnings, grow great journeys.



About nine years ago a journey began. It started with an experience during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, that caused me to reflect on what it means to be a Canadian. From that experience my question grew into curiosity and I set off travelling; exploring and photographing some of Canada's greatest landscapes, events and pop culture icons. From this a series of paintings emerged, the project became known as #ICONICCANUCK. These paintings extended my connections with people, I found myself painting athletes for Canadian Tire Jumpstart in Toronto and Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary. These events allowed me to interact with more people, from all corners of Canada and continue the discussion. My journey then led to a solo showing of these paintings in Edmonton in December 2013, quickly followed by a week curating the @PeopleOfCanada twitter feed the week before Christmas. In 2016, the photos continued to arrive and my journey across the Canadian landscape continued as I connected with people on the ground in Yellowknife, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Through these experiences I continued the discussion and it is the people I met, in person and on-line, who set me on a deeper journey questioning, "Who are the People of Canada?". In 2017, I was invited to exhibit my paintings and speak to audiences, inspired by my Canadian travels in solo exhibitions. My 'Canadianisms' exhibitions offered the chance to introduce the first portrait painted for this project, to communities in Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta. A number of websites and media, including CBC picked up on the story and the project continues to expand it's reach and gain fans across the country. In 2019, I have continued to paint portraits, with 12 finished out of a planned 20-25. I am halfway to my goal, thanks to the People of Canada. Whether born, immigrated to, or ex-patriot, I want to know you, the People of Canada.


The People of Canada Portrait Project: these portraits begin with you!

What we need:

We need photos of Canadian couples preferably, or interesting photos with stories about single experiences in the Canadian landscape. We are looking for unique stories, special relationships, friendships, family, co-workers, events or serendipitous meetings. These photos could be existing or posed for, preferably taken within the last few years. If your photo is selected as reference for a portrait painting, the artist will create a 'Canadian' background that she feels best communicates the story between the people featured in the portrait.


What will happen:

Submitted photos that fall within the submission guidelines will be uploaded and shared on this website. From the photos submitted, we will select the most creative photos that resonate with us, for reference in painting a portrait. 


What will you receive?

They say once an artist falls in love with you, that you can never die.

If your photo is selected for a painted portrait, that portrait will live on, forever.

You will have the opportunity to be involved in a creative collaboration with award-winning Canadian painter, Brandy Saturley. You will have the chance to share your unique Canadian story with people all over Canada. You will be Canadian Art.

What does it cost to participate

There is NO FEE for participating and no obligation to purchase the final painting, though the painting will be available for purchase, with the subjects being given first opportunity to buy the original piece. The purchase of your original painting helps to fund future works and exhibition. If we could fly everyone out to the final exhibitions, we would!


Future Exhibiton Plans

We are currently interviewing exhibition venues. All those who submit a photo will receive an invite to the opening night of the show. If your photo is used as reference in the creation of a portrait painting you will receive credit for your photo and mention in the show catalogue, on the website, as well as a signed copy of the show poster. You will also be part of an extensive record of the process of creating Canadian Art, as we share in-studio process videos, photos, and blog posts about you and your portrait.


Are you ready to share your story? Submit your photo now.

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