About the Artist & the road crew.

Brandy SATURLEY @iconiccanuck

Visual Artist, lover of all things Canadian, intermittent extrovert.

Brandy Saturley was born in Victoria, British Columbia, and spent her childhood on a small hobby farm, in a fishing community on Vancouver Island.


Her grandmother was a painter and mother a mixed media artist. She credits her Ukrainian/Cornish/Canadian (Vancouver Island) ancestry for her hard working, tongue-in-cheek, independent personality. Her work walks the line of highbrow British afternoon tea, with hints of lowbrow Canadian humour.  


Saturley has been working as a visual artist since the mid 1990's, with the past two decades working full-time as a professional visual artist. Saturley's work has been featured in Reader's Digest Our Canada, SALT Magazine, Forbes, Galleries West Magazine, Visual Overture Magazine, Art Avenue Magazine, Canmore Leader News, Monday Magazine, A-Channel News, CHEK 6 TV Island 30, CityTV Vancouver and in many Canadian blogs including AllHabs Magazine, Dennis-Kane.com, Canadian Art Junkie and a Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada.


Known as the painter of ‘Canadianisms’, and for ‘The Goalies Mask Painting’. The “Canadianisms” series has toured Canada-wide, and has garnered the Canadian artist notoriety as the voice of Canadian Pop Art. More on the artists' website here.



Collaborator, male muse, mascot, intermittent introvert.

The Kiltpiper is Saturley's right hand man. With a family history in photography, his father was a Master Warrant Officer in the Photography unit of the Canadian Military.


At a young age The Kiltpiper had access to the kind of equipment and experience that few would have...Growing up around photos of Canadian military overseas, military projects, dignitaries and royalty.


The Kiltpiper's passion for photography became a favorite pastime. His career has been in marketing for businesses in the Automotive, Internet, Oil and Gas, and Security sectors. He assists Saturley in all aspects of marketing her art business including installations, display, delivery and quality control. 

Watch the paintings take shape, click here.

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