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About the Artist, behind the project.

Brandy SATURLEY @brandysaturleyart

Visual Artist, lover of all things Canadian, intermittent extrovert.

Brandy Saturley was born in Victoria, British Columbia, and spent her childhood on a small hobby farm, in a fishing community on Vancouver Island.


Her grandmother was a painter and mother a mixed media artist. She credits her Ukrainian/Cornish/Canadian (Vancouver Island) ancestry for her hard working, tongue-in-cheek, independent personality. Her work walks the line of highbrow British afternoon tea, with hints of lowbrow Canadian humour.  


Saturley has been working as a visual artist since the mid 1990's, with the past two decades working full-time as a professional visual artist. Saturley's work has been featured in Reader's Digest Our Canada, SALT Magazine, Forbes, Galleries West Magazine, Visual Overture Magazine, Art Avenue Magazine, Canmore Leader News, Monday Magazine, A-Channel News, CHEK 6 TV Island 30, CityTV Vancouver and in many Canadian blogs including AllHabs Magazine,, Canadian Art Junkie and a Portrait of the Visual Arts in Canada.


Known as the painter of ‘Canadianisms’, and for ‘The Goalies Mask Painting’. The “Canadianisms” series has toured Canada-wide, and has garnered the Canadian artist notoriety as the voice of Canadian Pop Art. More on the artists' website here.

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