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Original submitted photo and resulting painted portrait, 2016. Copyright People of Canada Portrait Project 2020

Here goes... Eileen (1) and Ray (2)


1.       Where were you born?

Montreal and Winnipeg

2.       Where do you call home now?


3.       What are your occupations?

Hairstylist and Public servant

4.       Where is your favourite place to eat, other than home? Favourite cuisine?

Next- small plates for sharing and Vietnamese Pho Tai Fusion

5.       Are you bilingual?

Not officially. Yes (job requirement)

6.       Who is your favourite Canadian music artist?

Jann Arden & Neil Young

7.       What is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday?

Walk dogs/ cuddle/ cook. Read/ Movies/ Relax.

8.       Politically speaking, which way do you lean?

I am uncertain. Ray is Liberal.

9.       Do you play any sports? Favourite sports to watch?

I like Tennis/ Swimming/Yoga and Ray is into Tennis/Badminton/Ping pong.

10.   Do you have a hidden talent or hobby that you enjoy?

I am a cookbook junkie/bookworm/foodie/tastings and educating myself on food trends and nutrition.   

Ray: watching sports stats and updates, staying current in the music scene.

11.   Do you have kids, dogs, or none of the above? Or all of the above?

Yes, Stephan, Nicky & Rudy.                                       

12.   What is the most important issue to you as a Canadian citizen? Economy? Children? Veterans? HealthCare?

Youth and eldercare are important to me and Ray is interested in the Economy. 


13.   Where do you go to be in nature? Is this important to you?

Mont Tremblant Quebec Red River, fresh air, camping. Essential getaways. Kayaking/Hiking/Via Ferrata/Ziplining.


14.   I have three days in Ottawa, what must I not miss to get a real sense of Ottatwa life?

High tea at Chateau Laurier, National Gallery, tour parliament. Landsdowne park, farmers market, dinner,                                                               football game/hockey game.

15.   Do you have a favourite museum or art gallery?

Canadian Museum of Civilization and the National Gallery.                                     

16.   Mounties, hockey, maple syrup, beer, maple leafs and eh…do you partake? Do you wish Canada would get over all the stereotypical icons of Canadiana? Yes we partake!  We love all things that are iconic and stereotypical, that make us recognizable to those in other 

countries and of other languages.                           

17.   What does being Canadian mean to you? 

Multiculturalism, opportunity, privilege, blessed, harmony, security, comfort, and compassion. 

18.   I see you holding kayaking in your photo? How often do you kayak?

Four times a year on trips to Mont Tremblant.

19.   Where in Canada would you like to explore that you have not yet?

Charlevoix where Montana meets the Rockies, my description, after seeing it briefly last summer, so we are going back for a week to kayak and explore this part of Canada summer 2016!                       

20.   DO you volunteer your time or support any Canadian organizations? 

Some of our socializing is done mostly by attending and supporting various charities and causes.

21.   Beer, Wine or Whiskey?

Wine for me and Whiskey for Ray!

That's a snapshot of us.  We can't wait to see our painting!

Thank you Eileen and Ray! These are all great Canadian experiences to be enjoyed. 

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