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Original submitted photo and resulting portrait painting. Canadiens Gothic - 2014 Brandy Saturley

The official first painting of the People of Canada portrait project. This painting was exhibited in Sherwood Park Alberta at Gallery @501 and won a People's Choice award, Summer 2014.


Names: Penny and Reg


Live: Manitoba and Arizona


Penny: from Manitoba, retired from the film industry, currently freelance photojournalist


Reg: from Newfoundland, retired career Naval Chief, currently watching hockey, golfing and working the fields for farmers in Manitoba. Also, a male muse for his wife.


Passtime: Reg wouldn't be happy without a golf club in his hand. Penny is busy photographing every abandonded farmhouse and barn within 100 mile radius of her hometown.


Food: homemade perogies and bacon and two tubs of sour cream!


Favorite Canadian Music: Johnny Reid, Doc Walker, country.


What being Canadian means to Penny and Reg: 

means lending a helping hand, saying hello to a stranger, trusting your neighbor and, as often as possible, being outdoors. 


Canadiens Gothic

Original acrylic on canvas

36" w x 48" h

2014 - Brandy Saturley


Thank you to Penny for the great selfie of her and Reg for reference in creating this painting.

View more of Penny's work at





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