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The People of Canada Portrait Project

Welcome to the People of Canada Portrait Project, a dynamic collaboration between acclaimed Canadian artist Brandy Saturley and individuals like you. Initiated in 2014, this body of work captures the essence of our nation's remarkable diversity.

Enthralled by the transformative power of portraiture, Saturley is dedicated to delving into the intricate tapestry of Canadian identities and relationships. As featured on CBC Canada website in 2017, the project aims to showcase the vibrant mosaic that defines our culturally rich and multifaceted country.

Embark on this crowd-sourced journey that spans from the heart of our cities to the vastness of our oceans, from the peaks of our mountains to the serenity of our lakes, and from the warmth of our homes to the sanctuaries we hold dear. Discover the captivating stories and faces that collectively embody the People of Canada, contributing to a living portrait of our nation's diversity. Join us in celebrating the unique tapestry of Canada through this ongoing, collaborative artistic exploration.

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