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1. Where do you live in Canada?

Lakefield, Ontario


2. Where were you born?

Peterborough, Don and Bellville, Vikki


3. What are your professions?

Sculptor- Don

Part time sales staff -Vikki


4 Do you have a favorite pastime?

Sculpture pretty much 24/7, so much that can be done for fun.


5. If you could spend an evening sharing stories around the fire with any Canadian of note (dead or alive) who would you invite?

Chad Kroeger of Canadian West Coast Rock Band, Nickleback


6. What animal do you associate with Canada? And would you ever keep one in your home?

Beaver, is this too obvious?


7. Where do you most like to dine?

Can never beat dining at home! I agree Don.


8. Where do you go to think when life gets heavy?

We always stop for a glass of wine around 7pm every evening.


9. Mounties, hockey, maple syrup, beer, maple leafs and eh…do you partake? Do you wish Canada would get over all the stereotypical icons of Canadiana?

Canada and sports is all too real a marriage and also the reason that art will never flourish in Canada. All the rich sports types are just dying to become a cliché! Big house—BMW–trophy wife. Many union workers are relaxing lethargically on their big puffy security blanket, beer in one hand, remote in the other. Discussing the latest T.V. program is about as cerebral as it gets for far too many Canadians. Been there, watched that! 


10. Favorite Canadian music?

The New Pornographers


11. What does being Canadian mean to you?

Largely because of the climate, we are just a wee bit kinder, smarter, tolerant, fit and logical (Or it used to be this way)


12. Should we change the Canadian flag or anthem? If so, what would your pitch be?

All is fine the way it is!


13. Art appreciation: Do you think Canadians engage in the conversation, creation and appreciation of art enough? Or is there work to be done? 

Refer to # 9


14. Sense of humour: do you think Canada has one? Do you think we are good at laughing at ourselves? Are we maybe too good at this?

Ample. Some good some bad. Fifty years ago it was easier or simpler to laugh and “offending” anybody or anything was never an issue. We were too busy working and now we have too much time on our hands with little purpose other than making more money.


Spoken like a true artist, I appreciate your candor Don, it can be a rare thing these days. I do agree that we have a long way to go in Canada when it comes to art appreciation and education. I see things slowly changing, and it is a big country to reach out to, with many rural nooks and crannies. We have much work to do as an arts community and a country.


You can see more of Don Frost's undulating, sensual and otherworldly sculptures on his website here:



Original submitted photos and resulting portrait painting. Jest Lives Here - 2016 Brandy Saturley

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